How You Can Help



The Illinois Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service is a central repository for ways to give back to your community. Learn more at 


Donate Personal Protective Equipment: 

  • Masks: N-95, Earloop, Surgical 

  • Gowns: Isolation, Non-Descript 

  • Gloves: Nitrile, Sterile, Surgical 

  • Eye Protection: Face Shields, Goggles 

  • Infection Control Kits 

  • Hand Sanitizer (any size) 

  • Disinfectant Wipes (any size) 

  • Thermometers (forehead only) 

All items should be in the manufacture's original packaging and unopened. Unfortunately, the State of Illinois cannot accept open product or homemade items. We recommend you contact your local first responders (Police, Fire, EMS) to see if they can utilize your items. 

If people have these specific products they should email: Please include the quantities of each you have on hand to donate along with your address to determine the best drop-off point. 


Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund 

I am so proud of our community and the many ways both individuals and organizations have stepped in to help others during this public health emergency. Both Cook and Lake Counties have established Community Response Funds that go towards providing emergency food and basic supplies; rent, mortgage, and utility assistance; and other emerging needs. For more information, visit the website for  

Illinois COVID 19 Response Fund


Blood Donations 
If you are interested in finding out more about the current blood shortage, I encourage you to visit the website for the American Red Cross 


Food Insecurity 
If you are interested in learning more about food insecurity across the district, I encourage you to visit the Meals on Wheels website.


Check in with your neighbors – particularly the elderly who may live alone