Congressman Schneiders Community Project Funding submissions can be found here

Congressman Schneider's 2021 local transportation priority projects can be found here


If you are interested in submitting appropriations requests for Fiscal Year 2022, please complete the forms below before 5:00 pm on April 9, 2021. Please note there is one form for Programmatic and Language Requests and separate forms for each Appropriations Subcommittee that is accepting Community Project Funding (CPF).

CPF is a new initiative for Fiscal Year 2022 that will allow Members of Congress to request direct funding for projects that benefit the communities they represent. The new initiative entails stringent eligibility, ethics, and transparency guardrails and is only available to state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, as well as some non-profits. Additionally, only projects with evidence of strong support from the community will be considered, and evidence of this support and community need is required as part of your submission. If you have any questions about whether you should submit a programmatic, language, or CPF request, please call my office.


The following requirements apply to all CPF requests:
1. There is a ban on directing Community Project Funding to for-profit grantees. Members of Congress may request funding for State or local governmental grantees and for eligible nonprofits.
2. Each project request must be for FY2022 funds only and cannot include multi-year funding.

The following requirements apply to all CPF requests:
1. Each Member may only submit 10 CPF projects to the Appropriations Committee for consideration. Of those 10, not all 10 will be successfully funded. If your project is one of the 10 submitted, the full details of your request (including the information provided below) are required to be posted publicly online on Rep. Schneider’s website.
2. The Government Accountability Office will conduct a mandatory audit of a sample of enacted community project funding and report its findings to Congress. This report will likely be made public at some point.
3. A Member, their spouse, and immediate family may not have any financial interest in the project.

Please also note that because Community Project Funding is an evolving initiative, additional requirements or needed information may be added at a later date. Our office will reach out to you directly if you have submitted a request for which additional information is needed.


Programmatic and Language Request Form:

All Departments

*If you have multiple requests, please submit a separate form for each request. Please provide as much of the requested information as possible to ensure we can fully evaluate your request.


Community Project Funding Request Forms:

Agriculture, Rural Development, FDA

Commerce, Justice, Science


Energy & Water

Financial Services & General Government

Homeland Security

Interior, Environment

Labor, HHS, Education


Transportation, Housing and Urban Development


Highway and Transit Member Designated Projects

The Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure is accepting Member Designated Project (MDP) requests for consideration as part of the 2021 reauthorization of federal surface transportation legislation. Members will be able to submit projects for this legislation to prioritize local projects funded through the Highway Trust Fund. The Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure encourages projects that appear on a state (STIP) or local transportation improvement plan (TIP) from a state or metropolitan planning agency.

Please use this form to submit requests for MDP to Congressman Schneider’s office to be considered for proposals to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Requests are due no later than April 9. For additional information about eligibility and available funding, please use this background prepared by the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.