Economy & Jobs

Expanding quality, well-paying, career-focused opportunities by growing manufacturing jobs, rebuilding our infrastructure, and educating our children to succeed in our 21st century global economy.

While our economy continues to rebound, too many people are still looking for work, concerned about paying their mortgage, and uncertain about their ability to retire. Middle-class families in the Tenth District and across the country worry not just about finding any job, but finding a well-paying job that will ensure a rising standard of living for their family.

Growing Manufacturing

Key to strengthening our economy and expanding job growth is helping our small businesses succeed. Small businesses historically create 60 percent of all new jobs and are the driving force behind economic expansion and middle-class prosperity. In particular, manufacturing firms are job multipliers; through surrounding services and the supply chain studies show each manufacturing job supports as many as two to five others. We must work to provide both the regulatory environment and tools necessary for small businesses and manufacturers to thrive.

Educating for Success

We must also work with employers to ensure we are graduating students and training workers with the skills they need to find employment. This is particularly true in our manufacturing sector, where many jobs go unfilled because workers do not have the necessary skills.

Investing in Infrastructure

Finally, we must continue to rebuild our infrastructure - highways, bridges, ports and tunnels — which are a foundation for economic growth. These transportation arteries are an investment in our future, allowing American companies to move and sell their product on the global market.


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