Fiscal Responsibility

Growing deficits are irresponsible and threaten the prosperity of future generations. Budgets reflect our values and priorities. A more sustainable budget will require difficult decisions, but we must not balance our budget on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens.

Our country’s growing national debt is a significant burden that threatens our long-term prosperity. The federal government can take a lesson from small businesses and working families across the country who understand that it is unsustainable to consistently spend more money than you have. However, we must also recognize that not all cuts are wise, just or well-advised. While it is critical that we balance the budget, we cannot do so on the backs of the most vulnerable.

I support a balanced approach that includes both spending cuts and revenue increases. By coupling targeted spending reductions with an appropriate amount of revenue increases, we can reduce the deficit without instituting crippling budget cuts that disproportionally impact the elderly, students or the poor.  



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