Rep. Schneider Urges President Trump to Commit to Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge

February 15, 2017
Press Release
Letter sent after press reports that Trump Administration considering new arms sales to Gulf countries

Today, Congressman Brad Schneider (IL-10) urged President Donald Trump to make clear his commitment to Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge (QME) in a letter sent to the White House in advance of the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This policy ensures Israel maintains a qualitative technological and tactical military advantage over its neighbors.

The letter mentions recent press reports that the Trump Administration is considering new arms sales to Gulf countries that could potentially undermine Israel’s QME. Currently, Congress plays an active role in ensuring Israel’s QME by requiring notification of all arms sales to Middle Eastern countries and determinations on the impact on Israel.

Schneider concludes noting the increasing challenges facing Israel and the long bipartisan history of support for Israel’s QME in the United States: “I strongly urge you to … express your commitment to Israel’s qualitative military edge in order to ensure Israel can continue to effectively deter and counter such mounting threats.”

The letter is available here.