Schneider Bipartisan Resolution Opposing Global BDS Movement, Supporting Two-State Solution Passes House

July 23, 2019
Press Release

Today, Congressman Brad Schneider (D-IL) issued the below statement following the passage of his bipartisan resolution H.Res.246 by a vote of 398-17. The legislation had more than 350 co-sponsors, including three-quarters of the members of both parties:

“Today’s strong bipartisan vote sends a clear message that Congress continues to be united in support of the Jewish, democratic state of Israel and a two-state solution as the path to peace for both Israelis and Palestinians. At the same time, we condemn the Global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement that seeks to delegitimize Israel and block that path to peace.

 “The Global BDS Movement denies the Jewish people’s connection to the land of Israel, refuses to accept the basic idea of a Jewish state and seeks to delegitimize Israel in international forums, on college campuses, and in global commerce.

“Our resolution does not infringe on any American’s right to protest, and it explicitly recognizes that boycotts have a long and important history in our country, including during the Civil Rights movement and efforts to end apartheid in South Africa. However, not all boycotts seek just ends. Our objection is to the fundamental aim of the Global BDS Movement: the delegitimization of Israel and the destruction of the Jewish state.

“It’s been our country’s long-held policy that the best path to assuring Israel’s long-term security as a democratic and Jewish state, and realizing the Palestinian people’s aspirations for a state of their own, is through a negotiated two-state solution. I appreciate the resounding support of my colleagues for this resolution to reaffirm that truth and stand against efforts, like the Global BDS Movement, that stand in the way.”


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