Schneider Secures House Passage of Local Transportation Priorities

July 2, 2021
Press Release
All five projects passed by the House of Representative as part of the INVEST in America Act

WASHINGTON – Congressman Brad Schneider (IL-10) helped pass the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America (INVEST in America) Act. The INVEST in America Act funds significant surface transportation needs across the country. Of specific significance for the Tenth District of Illinois, Rep. Schneider secured support for all five community project funding requests submitted earlier this year. These include funding for North Chicago Pace Route Access,  Zion’s 27th Street Resurfacing, Lake County’s Patriot Path, Metra’s Zero Emission Vehicle Pilot, and IL-21 Milwaukee Ave improvements.


“The INVEST in America Act will strengthen the middle class in Illinois and the nation by creating thousands of good-paying jobs, as well as rebuild our crumbling infrastructure to handle the effects of climate change. I am proud that all five local transportation projects progressed to the next round of the funding process as part of the INVEST in America Act, which lays the foundation for a larger infrastructure package to move America forward. I will continue to advocate for these community investments as the legislation moves forward through Congress,” said Schneider.


The INVEST in America Act is comprehensive surface transportation legislation that would modernize our roads, bridges, transit, rail and more. The transformational bill would move our country away from the status quo and would lay the groundwork for an infrastructure package for the modern era.


More about the INVEST in America Act, including the text, can be found online here.


Below are project descriptions and quotes of support from local community leaders.



Project Name: North Chicago Pace Bus Route Access at Lovell Federal Health Care Center


Project Description: The project would improve a high-traffic bus transit stop at Lovell Federal Health Care Center and Great Lakes Naval Station. The project installs new crosswalks, ADA compliant curbing, pavement striping, signal modifications, and a new bus shelter and pad. Safety and efficiency improvements would benefit patients and employees of the Federal Health Care Center, including veterans in need of care.


“The City of North Chicago, Lovell Healthcare Center and Pace have worked hard to develop a plan addressing this hazardous intersection and Pace bus stop. These improvements will provide both Lovell employees and veterans with updated ADA compliance, easier, and safer access and increase utilization of several Pace bus routes. This will translate to veterans arriving in a timely and safe manner for their various appointments and services consistently. I am grateful to Congressman Brad Schneider for supporting and submitting this project for federal funding and anxiously await its approval,” said Linda Soto. Pace, Board of Directors representing Lake County.



Project Name: Zion 27th Street Resurfacing


Project Description: The project would resurface ten blocks of Zion’s 27th street, a major thoroughfare connecting Lewis Avenue and Sheridan Road downtown near Veterans Memorial Park, Shiloh Elementary School, and Zion Central Middle School. The project would upgrade the public sidewalk, ADA ramps, and crosswalks.


“This project would enhance a major thoroughfare with the City of Zion and encourage foot traffic to the area of Veterans Memorial Park where city festivities are held throughout the year. The project will enhance the aesthetic, safety, and ecological value of the area. It will provide an improved residential and pedestrian link to Shiloh Park, Park Districts Senior Center, and Lake County Health Department. Additionally, it provides improved and safe walking access to Shiloh Elementary School and Zion Central Middle School,” said Zion Mayor Billy McKinney.



Project Name: Patriot Bike Path, Stage 1 and Stage 4 funding


Project Description: The project would complete the 5.5 mile Patriot Bike Path, connecting the Des Plaines River Trail and the Robert McClory Bike Path, expanding transit options through the region. Commuting destinations include two Fortune 500 companies, the Lovell Federal Health Care Center, Naval Station Great Lakes, and the North Chicago Metra Station.


“The completion of the Patriot Path will provide Lake County residents with greatly expanded opportunities for alternate means of transportation and access to a wealth of natural and cultural resources including more transit stops, employment centers, shopping, schools, parks and forest preservers. This endeavor is also consistent with the District’s 100-year vision of promoting a safe, active and healthy lifestyle for the residents of Lake County,” said Alex Ty Kovach, the Executive Director of the Lake County Forest Preserve District.


“Completion of the Patriot Path will provide City of North Chicago residents greater connectivity to the rest of Lake County as well as attracting residents from surrounding communities. The Patriot Path project will provide greatly expanded opportunities for non-motorized transportation and access to a plethora of natural and cultural resources including more parks and forest preserves, schools, commercial entities, employment centers, and transit stops,” said North Chicago Mayor Leon Rockingham, Jr.


“Patriot Path has been discussed for years as an excellent opportunity to provide new recreational and commuting options for residents in central and east-central Lake County, but finding funding to advance the project has been a challenge,” said Lake County Board Chair Sandy Hart. “We are incredibly thankful for Congressman Schneider’s support of this project that would give the community a way to safely walk and bike to the local forest preserves, parks, schools, stores, employment centers, and Metra station.”


“The Patriot Path is a project people in the area have been talking about for over two decades. I’m very excited that this project will be on Congressman Schneider’s community project funding list. The project will provide access to jobs, the train station, and recreational opportunities for thousands of Lake County residents. With connections to the North South DPR and McClory Trails, it will connect dozens of communities in Lake County. It will be an incredible addition to the more than 500 miles of bike trails/lanes currently in Lake County,” said Lake County Board Member Ann Maine.



Project Name: Metra Zero Emissions Vehicle Pilot


Project Description: The project would fund pilot and expansion of zero emission Metra locomotives, through the construction of charging infrastructure, engineering of clean locomotives, and purchase of zero emission rolling stock. The pilot deployment would fight climate change, improve local air quality, and modernize Metra’s fleet.


“Metra would be a strong partner in delivering projects that provide multi-modal connections, ensure affordable access to commuter rail travel, and encourage mode-shift to cleaner and greener forms of transportation. The project is scalable, and funding would move Metra towards a cleaner and greener future,” said Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering.



Project Name: IL-21 Milwaukee Ave Improvements (Glenview)


Project Description: The project would improve a high-congestion, high-accident region of IL-21 by improving pavement reconstruction, intersection geometry improvements with dual left turn lanes, installation of ADA-compliant pedestrian facilities, traffic, and pedestrian signal replacement.


“The Village of Glenview and motorists traveling through Glenview’s west side would benefit greatly from this project, which has been delayed at least 13 years and is vital to improve traffic flow in the region. Traffic back-ups are commonly a half mile to a mile from the intersection of Milwaukee Avenue and West Lake Avenue during peak travel times. Both roadways carry high volumes of traffic and connect with retail, residential, commercial and recreational areas, so the planned improvements are critical for public safety and regional mobility,” said Glenview Mayor Mike Jenny.