Schneider Statement on Iran

June 20, 2019
Press Release

Today, Congressman Brad Schneider (D-IL) issued the following statement:

“Iran continues to be a serious threat, both to the United States and to our allies in the region. The United States must play a leadership role thwarting Iran’s nefarious ambitions and countering Tehran’s dangerous behavior, but we should not act alone. Checking the regime’s actions will be best achieved by working in concert with our international partners. The President needs to recognize the danger posed by his escalating rhetoric and reflexive actions, and instead set our country on a path to resolve this crisis through strong diplomatic engagement, reinforced by our superior military strength and broad cooperation of our allies.

“To be clear: only Congress has the constitutional authority to approve the use of military force. Just yesterday, the House voted to reassert this right repealing the Authorization of Use of Military Force (AUMF) passed in the wake of the September 11th attacks nearly two decades ago. I am gravely concerned by the Administration’s recent dubious allegations of links between Tehran and al Qaeda, which could be a pretext to use the 2001 AUMF as legal cover for military action against Iran.

“I urge the President to replace his impulsive and aggressive posturing toward Iran with a coherent and defined strategy to contain and hold the regime accountable."