2021 Local Transportation Priority Projects

Congressman Brad Schneider (IL-10) has submitted the below Member Designated Projects (MDP) to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. The Committee is considering requests as part of the 2021 reauthorization of federal surface transportation legislation. Congressman Schneider’s submissions will prioritize the local projects’ funding.


Project Name: North Chicago Pace Bus Route Access at Lovell Federal Health Care Center

Project Sponsor: City of North Chicago

Location: Intersection of Buckley Road and Lewis Ave, North Chicago, IL

Requested Amount: $508,080.00


Project Name: Zion 27th Street Resurfacing

Project Sponsor: City of Zion

Location: 27th Street from Galilee Ave (West) to Emmaus Ave (East), Zion, IL

Requested Amount: $920,320.00


Project Name: Patriot Bike Path, Stage 1 and Stage 4 funding

Project Sponsor: Lake County, IL

Location: Between Libertyville, IL and North Chicago, IL along IL-137 (Buckley Road)

Requested Amount: $9,794,640.00


Project Name: Metra Zero Emissions Vehicle Pilot

Project Sponsor: Metra Commuter Rail

Location: Chicago Region

Requested Amount: $6,000,000.00


Project Name: IL-21 Milwaukee Ave Improvements (Glenview)

Project Sponsor: Village of Glenview, Illinois Department of Transportation

Location: IL-21 Milwaukee Ave from N of Sanders Rd to S of Euclid Ave, Glenview, IL

Requested Amount: $2,000,000.00