Constituent Success Stories

Helping constituents with issues involving federal agencies, is one of my top priorities. Constituent service representatives on my team have helped thousands of Tenth District residents resolve problems including with Social Security, Medicare, the Veterans Administration, immigration, taxes and more.

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Below are some examples of ways we’ve helped:

HELPING NAVIGATING THE VA – Peter in Libertyville

Peter contacted Congressman Schneider’s office for help navigating the Veterans Administration benefit system for his father, a World War II D-Day veteran. “Due to the complexities of the application process, I truly believe that without the assistance of Congressman Schneider’s office, my father may never have been successfully awarded the benefits he deserves. My family and I are extremely grateful for all the help we received,” said Peter.


Wallace and his wife were being overcharged by Medicare and an excess amount was being deducted from their Social Security payments. They were unsuccessful resolving the issue through the local Social Security office and contacted Congressman Schneider after hearing about available constituent services on a telephone town hall. Congressman Schneider’s office “contacted the local Social Security office for me and arranged for the necessary paperwork to adjust the deductions and return the overcharged amount. Thank you!” said Wallace.


Peggy applied for TSA pre-check and was told it could take 7-10 days to hear back. After two months and a half dozen calls to the TSA and FBI, Peggy’s application was still held up in red tape. She contacted Congressman Schneider’s office who followed up with the TSA, got Peggy confirmation within 24 hours that her application was accepted. “Amazing! If not for the Congressman’s office, I probably would still be waiting. My advice: Don’t wait! Call your Congressman right away!” said Peggy.


Gene contacted Congressman Schneider after unsuccessfully trying for a year to get an explanation of his wife’s Social Security benefits and payments to Medicare. “Within two weeks we received a call from a supervisor in the local Social Security office who was able to explain what had happened and to tell us what benefits and Medicare payments we could expect in the coming weeks. The Congressman’s office was extremely helpful in getting our issues resolved,” said Gene.


Julie contacted Congressman Schneider after experiencing difficulties with the immigration process of her Lebanese daughter-in-law. “As soon as we enlisted the help of Congressman Schneider’s office, a whole new world of communication with the embassy in Beirut opened up for our son and his family. Within about two to three weeks, they were able to travel together to the United States and begin their new life here. We are beyond grateful for the incredible support, warmth, and compassion that we received from Congressman Schneider’s office,” said Julie.


Eileen contacted Congressman Schneider’s office after the IRS claimed she had not reported her taxes correctly. The problem was in fact an IRS mistake. “Congressman Schneider’s office helped us from beginning to end. His team was courteous, responsive, and resolved the problem – no problem!” said Eileen.


“I am a Tricare for Life beneficiary, but was incorrectly being charged copays at Lovell Federal Health Care Center. I requested help from Congressman Schneider’s office, who contacted the Veterans Administration liaison in North Chicago on my behalf. Their advocacy gained much appreciated traction on my behalf to resolve this issue,” said Tim.


“I'm thankful to Congressman Schneider's office for helping me obtain the three metals I had earned in Viet Nam in 1966 but had not been issued.  This includes the modified DD214 he was also able to obtain for me.”


Sandra approached Congressman Schneider’s office after her husband, a 30-year Navy veteran, passed away. Sandra had been denied benefits and contacted the office for help. In 2018 her case was finally approved. “Thank you for 5 years of hard work on my case,” said Sandra.


Ron contacted Congressman Schneider’s office for help acquiring the documentation needed to prove citizenship of his two adopted children. Working with USCIS and Social Security, constituent service representatives in Congressman Schneider’s office helped Ron resolve the situation. “Excellent people produce excellent results. It has been my sincere pleasure to work with Congressman Schneider’s office, and I encourage other who need help to reach out to his team.”



"My wife and I want to thank Congressman Schneider and his office for helping us receive our Stimulus payment. We had contacted his office and they were able to help us break through the micro details that had prevented us from receiving the Stimulus. We are grateful, and thank you, and your talented staff, for representing us in Washington. It's good to know that we have a responsive and intelligent representative caring for our 10th District."  

-CharlesHighland Park  



"I am confirming receipt of our Cares Act EIDL loan this morning in the amount of $149,900. If not for the intervention of your office, our small company may not be in business today. On behalf of our employees, I personally extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation. I do not believe in coincidences. There is no question in my mind, that the efforts of you and your team resulted in the delivery of funding that will directly and positively impact our company and the families of our nine employees."  

- Rick LetiziaLong Grove  



“Due to my service-related medical situation, I decided to use the VA to fill my prescription. After several weeks of back and forth with the VA, I contacted Congressman Schneider’s office for assistance. His office was able to get all my meds through the VA.”  

- Steven M Krutke Sr., USN (Ret), Round Lake  



“I called your office about what was happening to my special needs granddaughter at her school. Your staff is kind, compassionate and caring. I truly believe that if it had not been for you, they would not have been able to help us. I thought you and your staff should know upon contacting my state rep and now my granddaughter will be able to return to school on Monday in a safe environment. Thank you and please thank your incredible staff for me again.”  

- Pamela LaForgeZion  



“My wife was unable to enroll in Medicare because one of the credit bureaus had scrambled another person’s data into her credit file, which was used to verify her identity. I had written to the credit bureau and to the Social Security Administration but was not getting anywhere. I contacted Rep. Schneider’s office and then the credit bureau called me and cleared out the wrong information. Medicare then called and took the application over the phone and my wife is now a Medicare participant. I do not know how we ever would have resolved without your staff’s help.”  

- Bruce and Judy ReidLake Forest  



“On 2/29/20, my husband and I embarked on a Mekong River cruise out of Vietnam and into Cambodia. One of our fellow passengers from the UK had knowingly flown with a person having coronavirus. The entire ship was tested and 3 people with the virus were sent to the hospital. The rest of us were detained in our cabins and the next day taken off the boat, sprayed down with a bleach like insects, and sent to quarantine for 2 weeks. Quarantine took place in an abandoned hotel. There were holes in the doors to the outside and the rooms were full of bugs and occasional lizards that would come in from the balcony. The plumbing didn’t work in many rooms. The only shower was a small handheld spray. 3 times a day hospital staff would deliver Cambodian hospital food. There was no staff at the facility. The outside gate was locked and there was a guard. We called Congressman Schneider’s office the day after being detained. Subsequently, my doctor also called the office due to some underlying medical concerns I have. The office immediately contacted me to offer help. They also contacted the U.S. embassy in Cambodia and they got in touch with us. When we reached out, we knew we had to quarantine because we had traveled with infected people. We were only asking to be moved somewhere sanitary. We eventually spoke to the press and the Cambodian government responded that we were lying and were in a 4 star hotel. Congressman Schneider’s office stayed in touch with us the entire quarantine and made sure I got some medications that were running low. It was very reassuring to know that the Congressman was looking out for us and would be there if we had any problems. After 2 weeks, we were tested for Covid a second time and were negative again. At that time we were released, under supervision, and eventually got home to Illinois. After we were back in the U.S., the Cambodian government named us as 2 people who had tested positive and hospitalized. It wasn’t true. Congressman Schneider called us about a week after getting home in Lake County. He was just checking in to make sure we were okay. Thank you to the Congressman and his staff for making sure that we, his constituents, were safe and taken care of. We will be forever grateful.” 

- Theresa Gordon-KnappThird Lake  



“I am Keith Rubenstein. My company is called Redstone Healthcare based in Lake Bluff, IL.  We have been in the same location and second office for 7 years as we grew. We were growing quite well until the dreaded past several months of Covid 19. Suddenly almost to the day the phones stopped ringing, the emails slowed way down and I had to make some kind of a move to keep not only the morale up, but to keep us financially viable. I have put my own hard earned dollars into this company and was determined to see this through. I had to make the tough decision to lay off some employees. Thankfully the are receiving unemployment. The current staff we were able to hold onto until we weren’t. I knew that going for a traditional loan would be extremely difficult at this time. We then began out of the blue to receive emails from Congressman Brad Schneiders office. No-one at my company signed up for these, hey, Im from the other party anyways, haha. I started reading what he was discussing and it all had to do with helping small business, certain paycheck ,protection programs, emergency disaster loans and how hard he has been working for his constituents. There were such simplified examples and descriptions. A college of mine gave me the name of two staffers and strongly suggested that I reach out to them. Greg Claus was the first one that I texted. From an unknown number he received a brief intro and essentially me asking for help!. Within 5 minutes he called me back! I thanked him, told him of our situation and he spoke with the key people and introduced me to Alvaro Melara another staffer who assists businesses in these type of situations, SBA, etc. Almost immediately  we were one of the fortunate to receive the 10 disaster relief money. What a huge help that was!  This followed by the PPP act and it save3d us 2.5 months of payroll, taxes, costs that we would have been challenged to pay. Finally our CFO applied for the full EID Loan and we were rejected! Feeling sad and somewhat depondant a few days later I reached out to the two of them. They encouraged me and said perhaps I should try again. Suggested we show certain forms and maybe we would get approved. Two weeks later we were approved for a very nice, very low interest rate Sba loan deferred 12 month payment! A real blessing and a kick in the company’s behind to get rolling. We decided to pay off some invoices down and we were able to use that money to free up some cash flow. We started a new company called PPE and GO selling ventilators, N95 masks, Nitrile exam gloves, Scrubs, gowns. ALL PPE supplies. We have our current business and this is an extension of it. Had it not been for these two fine men and Congressman Schneider working so hard in Congress fighting for the working man and woman in his district we would NOT have received these emergency funds which will eventually allow us to hire more local people and grow our business. This Independent will vote for Congressman Schneider in the next election.”  

- Keith RubensteinLake Bluff  


“I got my PR application approved after a supposed to be gruelling waiting period of 2 years, due to backlogs and procedural delays at USCIS. I would like to profusely thank Rep. Mr. Brad Schnieder and Case director Mrs Karyn Davidman along with other office members, who rendered an unflinching support by holding our back tight and ensured in bringing our case to closure. There guidance and timely support, really helped us to sail through arduous times with a hope, which we eventually realized through our approvals. 

When I first contacted Mr Schneider’s office for case assistance, response was instant; the Case Director immediately understood our concern, reached out to USCIS authorities and provided an update in the next few hours. From then on, our trust and bond strengthened as we were provided regular updates on a time to time basis, not allowing us to be wallowed by the delay as our case was well beyond normal processing times. Once our date was current, the drive, assurance and special pull (for valid reasons) to get an immigration officer’s attention were critical in bringing our long journey to a successful conclusion, leaving us only to get our PR cards, which is eventual.  

We are indebted as a family to Rep. Mr. Schneider and his team for stepping up, helping us on time and get us the much deserved immigration benefit sought,on time keeping our spirits up. We are always grateful to them and wish them strength and will to continue their services to the needy, making the society and everyone around proud and prosperous . Thank you.” 

- Ravindranath Babu YerrapallyWaukegan 



“My parents have lived in Highland Park since they built their home on Highland Place near Clavey Road in 1967. A couple of years ago they moved to a condominium uptown and because a social security notice for my mother was mistakenly returned to the Social Security Administration, instead of forwarded to their new address, Social Security cut off her benefits. This was ultimately fixed and Social Security provided my mother with her back benefits last summer.  

However, when my mom’s Social Security benefits were cut off, Social Security also stopped deducting her Medicare premium. When her benefits resumed, for whatever reason, Social Security failed to resume the Medicare deductions. My parents were unaware of this until October 2019 when my mother required hospitalization after a fall, and suddenly her very large medical bills were being rejected by Medicare. After many frustrating and challenging months of calling Social Security and Medicare and being passed back and forth between the two agencies, my parents’ medical bills were mounting into the tens of thousands.  

I contacted Congressman Schneider’s office in February 2020 just as the COVID-19 crisis was growing. I cannot say enough about Patrice Campbell and how grateful I am for everything she has done. She has been kind, thoughtful and incredibly tenacious in dealing with these very difficult agencies under particularly trying circumstances. While my siblings and I could not get a call back, and were constantly provided with differing information and a complete lack of concern by these federal agencies, Patrice was able to break through and get matters straightened out. So I am very pleased to report that in May, Social Security finally resumed the Medicare payments, and as of last month, Medicare has been reprocessing and all of my mother’s bills. I cannot overstate what an enormous relief this has been as the endless stream of medical bills has been a massive source of stress and anxiety not only to our parents to but my sister, brother and our families as well. So we are all grateful for the kindness and support that we have received from Representative Schneider’s office, Ms. Campbell in particular. She has been incredibly responsive and on top of things even during this very challenging period. Our family is truly indebted to you for your engagement on our behalf. Thank you!”  

- Cynthia KoehlerHighland Park  



“My experience with the Office of Congressman Brad Schneider was amazing. From day one, the representative Patrice Campbell was on top of my VA Appeal. She made it one of her top priorities. Congressman Schneider and his team really cares for his constituents. Bravo to you!  

- Sheila D.Waukegan  


“I cannot thank you and Congressman Schneider for all of your assistance with my EIDL application. At a time when so many question the intentions of our elected representatives, to see the diligent work that you all have done for  a our district and for an individual constituent like myself is heartening, and truly restores the collective faith of all of us. Again, I cannot thank all of you enough for your help. This will truly make the difference in our operation moving forward and gives much needed relief in an exceptionally difficult time. Thanks so much, and you all have my unwavering support in the important work that you are all doing. Please give our best to Congressman Schneider and if any of you would ever want to stop by to see us in action while operating in a pandemic, please let me know.”  

- Dave ThoensenTamarak Day Camp and Country School  


My name is Wei Xu, a single mother of three children (10,14, 17), and have experienced multiple issues with the IRS before the outbreak of covid-19, which caused my failure to receive tax refund for year 2018 and 2019, and the economic impact stimulus check, and I was desperate because I do need the refund and stimulus to support my family! Right after I contacted Brad Schneider, I received the phone call from Patrice Campbell of his office, and she is very nice, professional and efficient, worked with a dedicated advocate from IRS to have all my problems solved, and I have received all the tax refund and the stimulus check. 

I respect Brad Schneider (and his staff) very much! He is not only compassionate and sentimental about the difficulties and suffering of his people, but very practical in speaking on behalf of his people and helping the individuals and families whenever they need. 

 - Wei XuVernon Hills 



I have been impressed with the people that work with Congressman Bard Schneider. Karyn Davidman and Alvaro Melara have been very helpful getting answers from the VA over the last two years. They have never got impatient with I would interrupt or when I didn’t listen. Whenever they said they would do something they would also follow through.” 

 - Dominic TomaselloGurnee 



“I am writing to offer my thanks for helping me and my family for getting our social security numbers during this pandemic environment. Karyn Davidman, who helped me during this process, exemplified what it means to be a public servant. Her actions reflect positively on your whole office. 

Shortly after getting our social security numbers, my wife and I have gotten jobs and gotten our drivers permits. Without these, it would be impossible for us to begin settling down in this country. 

Thank you again for helping us.” 

 - Varinder KumarNorthbrook 


"I had been trying to get a replacement of my lost social security card for the last four months.  Repeated visits to the Waukegan SSA office and applying twice yielded no results.  The office denied having my applications even though they were handed to SSA office staff personally by me. Frustrated and having no recourse, I reached out to Rep. Brad Snyder’s office.  The response was swift.  Karyn Davidman was reassuring and very prompt in her actions.  Within a week, she got me an appointment with the SSA office.  I am very happy to report that I received my replacement SS card on Jan 4 2021. Through this entire process, Karyn stayed in touch with me and assured me that it would get done.  To know that an ordinary citizen can reach out with a grievance and be heard has given me a lot of hope in these trying times.  A big thank you to your office, especially Karyn Davidman."

- Mita D., Vernon Hills